Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finale Results: David Vs David FTW

Hey! We'll be blogging this too, and also, posting the results of the pool, but until then, post your reactions, shock, awe, etc, here!

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Blogger Eden said...

After much squeeing and applause, I said, "Hey, I picked him at Weetapidol!" LOL.

I'm eager to read the comments about the George Michael thing. The group performance, I said it was like the Brady Bunch. My husband said, "There's no Peter. Oh wait, there's Peter" (Archie). Then after a minute I realized it wasn't the Brady Bunch; it was Up With People.

If I didn't know that was George Michael, I would never have believed it. That was horrible. I had to leave the room. I dug ZZ Top + DC though.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Bryan Adams?! What is going on there? He is not aging well.

2. There were massive amounts of wallet chainess going on. It was wallet chain overload! Can't wait to see what the WeetPie say about that!


11:37 AM  

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