Monday, May 04, 2009

Top 5 Pool Results

What a shake up! Between the confusion of how to rank "MATT" and his staggered ousting and the fact that roughly half of the pool predicted that he would either be eliminated 6th or 7th, it was a very exciting week for our pool! In the end, we decided to treat "Matt"s elimination as 6th place.* Big props to Wendi, Eden, Gila and Shari who predicted Matt would get 6th place! Meanwhile, Aine, Kim and the Weetapidol Hive Mind will be giving baleful stares to the judge's panel, as they had predicted a 7th place trophy for our man "Matt".

Here are the current standings! Congratulations to Kim and Shari who are vying for first, and also, how eerie that the Hive Mind continues to reign supreme?

Shari H 101
Kim 101
Weetapidol Hive Mind 100
Kelly S 99
TeKay 99
Wendi 98
Aine 98
Mopie 97
Gila 95
Eden 94
Jeremy 92
Martha 91
Shmuel 91
Weet 68
Julie 66

[His original placement was at 7th, and his actual exit was at 5th. So people who placed him either 7th or 5th got 12 points each; the lucky people who guessed the average of the two, 6th place, got the full 13 points for this week. -Pie]


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