Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vegas odds for who will win American Idol

I always consult the Vegas odds for American Idol when I make my pool picks (which I believe screwed me over the first year of Weetapidol. Stupid Daughtry!) but we've got a revised breakout of odds from bookmaker.com. I'm always fascinated by using statistics to predict the future, so I'm sharing it with you.

Odds to win American Idol 2009

Adam Lambert -235

Danny Gokey +280

Lil Rounds +1600

Matt Giraud +1600

Allison Iraheta +1000

Anoop Desai +3500

Kris Allen +1200

Translation: if you bet a dollar on Allison and she won, you'd get $1000, but if you were betting $500 on Adam winning, and he won, you'd win two bucks and some change. I'm thinking that in Vegas, that's called "a sure thing".

What will you do, America? What WILL you DO!?!?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

After watching last night, I am now thinking that the AI producers would like to see an Adam vs. Allison finale. All that hair fighting for the title.

my pool is screwed!!!!!!!!!!


7:48 AM  

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