Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pool Standings: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Matt Giraud?

Do I have any idea what to do about Matt Giraud? I sure don't! But while I figure it out, let's figure out the scores for this week, when both Anoop and Lil left in 7th place.

Almost everyone thought Lil was ging to go all the way, at least to the top 4; the Weetapidol Hive Mind had her in 3rd place. Which means big points for Shari, who predicted her leaving in 8th place. Kim had her in 5th, which was not bad, all things considered; in fact, she moves into first place this week. But Shari was the big winner vis a vis Ley-ull--good enough to push her into second place from her previous 5th place position.

Anoop, on the other hand, was predicted by the Hive Mind to go out at 8th, and we had him a little bit all over the place. Shmuel and Mo Pie (yay! go me!) had him correctly placed at 7th, so were the big points winners there. Runners up were the Hive Mind, TeKay, and Kelly S. Overall standings are all shook up! And they are:

89 points: Kim
88 points: Weetapidol Hive Mind, Shari H.
87 points: Mo Pie, TeKay, Kelly S.
86 points: Aine
85 points: Wendi
82 points: Jeremy, Gila
81 points: Eden, Shmuel
80 points: Martha
59 points: Weetabix
56 points: Julie

According to the Hive Mind, our fifth place contestant is... Allison! Could we be on the money? We'll see!


Blogger Kim said...

Yay me! It will be short lived, though. Kris is gonna kill me. I want to see Adam win, but I am scared that America may get tired of him being so consistantly awesome or the judges gushing.

I think they will keep the lone female at least another week. And I really can't see Matt leaving during Rat Pack week. So, maybe Kris?

1:48 PM  

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