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Top 7 Part Two: Talkin' Bout Crazy Cool Medallions

Pie: hi!
Weetabix: hola!
Pie: am home... eating Jello
Weetabix: yum!
Pie: Idol is on in 18!
Weetabix: whoo!
Pie: did you tape it?
Weetabix: yes, I taped it. Twice.
Pie: hee. excellent.
Ian is currently playing warmup disco tunes… "Shame" by Evelyn Champagne King
Weetabix: woo! I am not warming up… I am warmed
Pie: I just turned on the TV and there was some kind of intro montage… Ryan in front of flames
Weetabix: that was an excellent beginning. Ryan should stand in front of the earth's elements every week.
Very "Earth Wind and Fire"-ish, ala Disco week!
Pie: the light-up steps are crazy
Weetabix: Is Kid Rock in the audience tonight?
Pie: dear god, I hope so
Weetabix: I swear I saw him
Pie: the judges! they all look semi-normal.
Weetabix: yes! It's casual Friday on AI
Pie: not for Adam Lambert, he seems to be in black tie
Weetabix: Allison is all levels of sparkly tonight

"I'm Every Woman"

Weetabix: Interesting, we didn't get any intro videos about Lil, as per usual
Pie: maybe they decided to cut those, rather than the judges’ comments
Weetabix: Lil is not trying to fool anyone with the wigs, man. One week she's got a cropped bob, the next week, she's all Farrah Fawcett hair
Pie: Lil is not doing a whole lot of "singing" in this song
she is saying "come on" and the background singers are doing the heavy lifting thus far
Ian says, "She's not gonna win."
Weetabix: Vegas odds agree with Ian
Pie: she's got a hot body in that jumpsuit, though.
Weetabix: As they have Lil with the highest odds to win
or the lowest odds?
There are some odds.
Pie: I think lowest odds is how you would put that… maybe
Weetabix: Snowball's chance in hell odds
Pie: I agree with Randy that it did not show her artistry, even though it was fun
Weetabix: Randy didn't feel it, dawg, and I agree with him
Oooh, Kara doesn't think she was worth the wait. Ouch!
Pie: Wow, painful!
Kara's shirt is backless. I find that fascinating.
Paula is, as usual, grading on a curve
the judges have all picked up the "you need to define yourself as an artist" meme
Weetabix: how exactly does one do that? I mean, Adam has done it well.
Pie: it's the karaoke thing that is bothering the judges.
Weetabix: Meanwhile, I think Lil knows that she's done.
Pie: she's done tomorrow night, I think. ouch! and so does Simon.
Weetabix: Which song do you think Lil should have done? Aside from ABBA?
Pie: I think she's a disappointment in general... not necessarily that song choice was the issue.
“The Rose” is a great song and the arrangement was great. and she wasn't that good. that's where she lost me.
Weetabix: Yes, she's one of the classic Idol contestants that start so amazingly and then... pluh. That's the fizzle out sound. Pluh.
Pie: not fssssssssssss?
Weetabix: it's a little wetter
8:13 PMPie: that's kind of gross
Weetabix: failure is not pretty

"She Works Hard For The Money"

Weetabix: I love that he's doing Donna Summer
"I picked it because she works hard. She works hard for the money."
Pie: hee. Kris is kind of cute.
Weetabix: your weakness is showing again
Pie: guitar and bongos!
Weetabix: ooh, I kind of like this arrangement
Pie: me too! this is kind of awesome!
Weetabix: I think Castrochuleta is safe, quite honestly. Has he ever been bottom 3?
Pie: Ian says: "boring. BORING."
Weetabix: I'm still struck by the resemblance to Jason Mraz
Pie: he is the guy who chose "Falling Slowly." I cannot hate on him.
Weetabix: That's true. I did really like that song last week. Castrochuleta is growing on me.
Pie: this is groovy! I will be sad if he goes tomorrow night
Weetabix: Who knew?! Jason Castro is probably kicking himself right now, at his apartment in obscurity.
Pie: Jason Castro just got a record deal!
Weetabix: There isn't a god.
Pie: no! he is a friend of a friend. he is apparently a sweetheart. I have to be pro-Jason Castro
Weetabix: I do not, since a friend of a friend of a friend carries no such obligation.
Pie: Kara liked the arrangement, as did I!
Weetabix: Oh, the boy in Kris' friends and family should know better than to wear horizontal stripes.
Pie: "a classy Santana feel"! and he "shops in the women's department"! never change, Paula.
Weetabix: Wow, Paula totally is totally sane and awesome.
Pie: did you type that before she broke out the department store metaphor?
Weetabix: That was a decent analysis. Actually, I thought that was a clever turn of phrase, but then she ruined the guise of sanity by repeating it five times.
Pie: Simon is correct in saying it was original, not karaoke… and I agree the gender-bending song choice is great
I love how they're all "WE DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE WEARING A THONG"
Weetabix: Actually, I believe that I've said this before on here, but anytime a guy sings a woman's song and doesn't change the gender makes me happy.
Pie: I believe we've had this discussion about "Jolene" by the White Stripes
Weetabix: yes, that's exactly what I'm referring to

Weetabix: I am paused on Ryan leaning on a balcony railing, looking very much like a preacher, or maybe Kate Winslet in Titanic
Don't let go, Ryan!
Pie: Never let go! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!


Weetabix: remember the guy at The Mint who sang this song and it was the most amazing performance ever?
Pie: vaguely!
Weetabix: Well, not as good as the guy who did Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast, but still, amazing
Pie: no, the Be Our Guest guy was the BEST
Weetabix: Well, right now, Danny's is not as good as the guy from The Mint
who I will now refer to as The Samoan, even though I don't know that he was from Samoa
Pie: Danny is not that original either, now that I think of it… he has the same karaoke problem as Ley-ull
Weetabix: I am still charmed by Mr. Gokey, but I will concede that it might be his glasses.
and the Ted Mosby-ness of Gokey
Pie: he's like the love child of Ted Mosby and the Captain
Weetabix: Oh, he kind of is!
I wonder if I could talk the Captain into those glasses
Pie: Danny is energetic and can sing, but he doesn't do it for me.
Weetabix: he just fucked up the lyrics
They just showed him in the audience!
Pie: Ian says he saw Pamela Anderson
Weetabix: That was more exciting than Danny's performance for me.
she was sitting next to Kid Rock, which was interesting, because I thought they had broken up.
Pie: well Randy was feelin' it, dawg
Weetabix: Kara called him an incredible vocalist and said his pitch is "right on"
Pie: Paula is talking about range.... Paula! so coherent!
and wants to jump him
Weetabix: well, who else does she have in the competition? Anoop?
certainly not "Matt" who is just skeevy for some reason, despite the comparisons to Timberlake
Pie: I agree with Simon that the performance was slightly awkward, but only slightly
I don't see him in the finals, though

"Hot Stuff"

Weetabix: Allison is on red stairs. Is that a metaphor?
By the way, her outfit?! FUCKING AWESOME
Pie: Ian would like to know what she is wearing. I think "awesomeness" is the correct answer.
she is swathed in awesomeness.
Weetabix: The shoes and the boots are amazing, but all the leather? It's like Stella from Project Runway's wet dream
Pie: the jacket I love. the sequins I love.
I see her in the finals. I have been seeing her in the finals for a couple of weeks.
Weetabix: also, I love the illusion. If you wanted to camouflage a soft tummy, it's hidden in the matte leather, and who is going to notice it with all that sequin action around the ass and boobs?
I feel weird referring to a 16 year old's boobs
Pie: that was a little weird, but I enjoyed it. like her outfit.
Weetabix: I agree, I thinks she's going to be in the top four
Pie: I agree that the arrangement wasn't so awesome, but the performance was good. completely agree with Kara and Randy.
Paula made another sentence! Paula! sentences!
Weetabix: This is a strange new world.
Pie: Adam is coming up... did they give "Matt" the pimp spot?
Weetabix: I kind of love that she just weirdly body checked Ryan
oh, that will be sad
Matt does not deserve pimping

“If I Can’t Have You”

Weetabix: Adam's looking sharp!
Pie: he looks fancier than Ryan!
Weetabix: Ryan needs to have the bar raised
Pie: "If I Can't Have You"
Weetabix: Sweet
Pie: I enjoy this song!
Weetabix: although not your hoped "It's Raining Men"
Pie: that was a dream.
Weetabix: I want someone to do the theme song from the Talking It Up Barry Gibb Talk show
Pie: hee. "talkin' about.. crazy cool medallions! talkin' it up!"
Weetabix: Oh, he's awesome
Pie: he is smart... this is the exact opposite of what he did last week.
Weetabix: I'm getting a Wicked vibe right now
this was wicked clever! Seriously, turning this into a ballad? Brilliant.
Paula's all tingly.
Pie: Adam is so fucking fantastic.
Ian says it is not his favorite "Mister Lamberrr" performance.
Weetabix: that was the awesome… what was Ian's favorite?
Pie: the one he didn't see... "Mad World"
Weetabix: Well, it wasn't my favorite either, actually, but it was probably my second favorite.
yes, “Mad World” was my favorite.
Pie: Paula looks like she's just dissolving into a pile of emotion.
while Kara is telling Adam he is awesome
Paula likes his vulnerability and calls him fascinating and brilliant and awesome. MORE! SENTENCES!
Weetabix: Simon looked like he was going to puke during Paula's commentary
Pie: Simon loved the originality and memorability of it and the "immaculate" vocals
slam dunk again, Mister Lamberrrr!
Weetabix: Ryan just used "melting into a pool"! Shout out!
Pie: totes!

Matt "MATT" Giraud
"Staying Alive"

Pie: someday, we need to be in this audience
Weetabix: Someday, maybe that will happen, but how would we live blog?
Pie: okay, so I feel really guilty for calling him one of the generic white guys, because it turns out Matt is biracial! who knew!?
Weetabix: he is?! what are the races?
Pie: I gather he is half black
Weetabix: interesting. Well, he doesn't "read" black to America, despite whether he is or not
Pie: this is kind of tragic
Weetabix: this is seriously awkward… and stanks of "should have gone home last week"
Pie: Ian's comment on this is "oh god."
oh, they just showed his family! that black woman might be his mom… she looks super young though
Randy "that sucked, but you can sing."
Weetabix: Kara "You sang something different than Adam!"
Pie: the judges have to say good things otherwise they look really stupid for saving him.
Weetabix: that's a good point, they can't really say he sucks. Hopefully Simon will be the voice of reason. And he is.
Pie: yes. thank you, Simon.
Matt" should be out, but god knows what will happen

"Dim All The Lights"

Pie: and Anoop with the pimp spot!
Weetabix: oh, that's right, Anoop. Anoop has the pimp spot.
I had forgotten about Anoop. What does THAT say?
I even referenced him earlier.
Pie: it says you do not care for Anoop
Weetabix: I like the streamlined version without the montage before performance
Pie: this is quite an outfit
Ian says "do they know what 'disco' means??"
Weetabix: It's very 80's prom
Pie: now it is getting boogielicious
Weetabix: and yet... not
Anoop is quite handsome. I just don't like his voice that much.
Pie: milquetoastilicious
Weetabix: like that last note... it was not good
Pie: Randy concurs
Weetabix: as Randy mentioned
Pie: Kara also really liked it… Paula also wants to jump him
Weetabix: well, I agree that I enjoy his pink sweater. Real men DO wear pink! Boys, are you listening?
I don't know that we have any male readers. Wait, Shmuel reads. As does Joe in Las Vegas.
Pie: and they are both going to put on pink tomorrow, I bet
I kind of disagree with Simon for once... I don't think that was awful.

Pie: I think they were so mean to Lil that it means she's safe
Weetabix: perhaps
Pie: Kris was really good but went second, which might hurt him
I think he's safe too though
Weetabix: I think Lil is still going to pull some votes, and I think the Castrochuleta should be safe
Pie: I would like to think Danny is in danger, but probably not
I hope Allison is safe
Weetabix: In retrospect, I liked Danny's more than "Matt" and Anoop, Lil and Allison
Basically, everyone but Adam
Pie: Adam was fantastic and if he is out I will stop watching!
Matt is, I think, in danger, in spite of last week
and Anoop had the pimp spot so I doubt he will go! where does that leave me?!
Weetabix: I think Matt and Anoop are done
despite the power of the pimp
Two people are gone! That's just so amazing!
Pie: I think Matt and someone good, like Kris or Allison or Danny.
Weetabix: Oooh, that would sting.
Let's check the preliminaries at Dial Idol
Pie: wow, way too close to call, I think
Weetabix: everything's so close
Pie: although Allison is at the bottom
Weetabix: but you're right: Allison, Matt and Kris are bottom three right now
Pie: woo! I'm good. heh.
Weetabix: With Anoop a close four
Well, there's still time, too, as it just finished airing in CA
Pie: if Allison goes, that would really suck. one girl left, and it's Lil??
talk about the save backfiring.
Weetabix: yes, that would really suck, but as you mentioned, it's White Guy season, despite "Matt"'s "bi-racial"ness
Pie: sigh. well, I guess we'll see! it will be a surprising elimination if it isn't some combination of "Matt"/Anoop/Lil
Weetabix: We shall see!
Pie: I am worried for Allison!
Weetabix: America will have done something! I can't believe they wasted the save on "Matt" for that
Pie: okay, I have no further comments. the prosecution rests.
Weetabix: Weetapidol out?
Pie: Weetapidol... out!


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"I don't know that we have any male readers. Wait, Shmuel reads."

Eh, I'm not sure I count. :-)

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Anonymous Martha said...

I don't believe that was Kid Rock in the audience. I think it was Vince Neil from Motley Crue. I'm really sad that I know that. ;-)

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Anonymous Martha said...

OH, and I LOVED Allison's outfit too!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celebs spotted:

Vince Neil
Colbie Caillat

Kris was awesome tonight!


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