Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 3 Pool Results

No Weetapidol update last week, due to various difficulties, both scheduling, technical and otherwise. We're very sorry, but we're also promising to save up all the funny for the finale. Until then, let's get an update on the Pool Standings. Amazingly, the Hive Mind is tied for first place with Wendi, Kim and Aine with Mopie and Kelly S just three points away in second! It's anyone's game, people!

Weetapidol 124
Wendi 124
Kim 124
Aine 124
Mopie 121
Kelly S 121
Shari H 119
Gila 118
Eden 117
Jeremy 116
TeKay 116
Martha 115
Shmuel 113
Julie 90
Weet 86

PS. I think the real reason I dislike Castrochuleta is because I had him going 11th and the bastard lasted until the finale. CURSE YOU KRIS ALLEN!


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