Friday, March 13, 2009

Weetapidol Top 13 Pool Results

Sorry for the delay on the pool results, guys, but this Top 13 business really threw us for a loop. You see, Weet concocted a very elaborate spreadsheet last year to eliminate scoring error (not that we ever had any, and of course, it caused a scoring error last year. Ah, comedy!) but the whole thing was based on V-Lookups and other Excel madness and it was all built around having 12 contestants. Except now there were 13! Except then they eliminated 2 of them! GAH! So the spreadsheet took some tweaking. Also, because of the Double Elimination this week, they didn't really say who had the least votes and who had the second least, so the 12th and 13th person on your lists were both treated as a 12th spot. This should help everyone because it's no loss of points if you picked both of this week's eliminated contestants and if you guessed that, say, Scott would be eliminated last night, if he does go all the way, you'll earn one more point than you would have otherwise.

If you have any questions about scoring, we have an explanation of our point system here (only you now have a maximum of 13 points in any given week, since there were 13 finalists) and note that because of the double elimination, this week you could have earned a possible 26 points.

Also, it is not too late to get pool picks in. You won't receive any point earning opportunities for this week (see Weet's score) but historically, the latecomers have done very well in our Weetapidol standings. Leave your picks in the comments!

This year, we tabulated the Weetapidol Hive Mind again. We'll post the rankings next week, since we may have some late entrants to the pool that will change the averages, but the Hive Mind correctly picked that Jasmine and Jorge would go this week. Next week, the Hive Mind has doomed Kris Allen. We shall see what America decides!

If you have any questions about scoring, please feel free to inquire in the comments!

Mopie 26
Shari H 26
Jeremy 26
Weetapidol 26
Kelly S 25
Wendi 25
Eden 25
Kim 25
Gila 25
TeKay 24
Aine 23
Martha 23
Shmuel 20
Weet 0

Congratulations to Mopie, Jeremy and Shari, who all correctly picked both ousted contestants, and to everyone, who together predicted this week's results show as well!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will enjoy an early lead for now, because my pool is screwed!

I wish I had known this week was country week. I wouldn't have picked Sarver. Do they release the themes ahead of time? Did I miss it?


11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After a little googling, VFTW (vote for the worst) has some spoiler upcoming music theme weeks posted!

oh my this shall get interesting!


11:16 AM  

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