Thursday, April 03, 2008

Top 9: So Long Ferocia and Pool Results

Seriously, how awesome is Dolly Parton? Who else could carry off some kind of mixture of a rhinestone wedding gown plus jodphurs? Sadly, we bid farewell to the Little Idol That Could: Ramiele "Ferocia Coutura" Malubay. What have you done, America? But let us not shed a tear for Ramiele. Instead, we will turn our thoughts to happier topics: the Weetapidol pool standings!

Oooh, a serious shake up is in the making. This week, three of you (Mopie, Carlywei and Kelly S) correctly predicted that Ramiele would get Auf'd in 9th place. If you didn't think Ramiele would be gone already, don't feel bad--the Weetapidol Hive Mind expected her to hang around for another 2 weeks. Does this mean that Kelly S has correctly guessed 3 out of the 4 eliminations? She certainly has! Chickeze threw her for a loop, or she'd be 4-0, but if I were Syesha, I'd be worried, since Kelly thought she'd get 10th.

Currently Standings:

50 Points: Kelly S
48 Points: Weetapidol
46 Points: Wendi, Martha, Stacey, Puscha
45 Points: Kelly M, Xaan, Carlywei, Jake
44 Points: Mopie
43 Points: Shmuel
42 Points: Weet, Eden, Shari, Kim
40 Points: Gila

Things are all over the place! With only a 10 point spread, it's still anyone's game! Things are definitely starting to get interesting.

Rrrooo Rooo!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was Dr. Phil's wife doing in the audience? Weird!

The Rickey Minor band is awesome on "Don't forget the Lyrics" with Wayne Brady. Anyone watch that show? Ricky totally smiles and jams out, you can tell he loves playing for that show much more than AI.


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