Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 12 Results!

Too bad, so sad, David Hernandez! America has spoken and Ryan is undoubtedly crestfallen.

As of tonight's show's airing, these are the pool picks and scoring thus far:

Tied for first place with 13 points: Wendi, Kim, Kelly S, Weet
Tied for second with 12 Points: Mopie, Martha, Kelly, Stacey, Xaan, Carlywei and Jake
Tied for third with 11 Points: Pushca and Gila
Coming up strong: Eden and Shmuel, each with 9 points, and Shari with 8 points

Just for fun, and because I'm a dork when it comes to spreadsheets, I calculated the averages for everyone's pick and collectively, we predict the following rankings for this season:

1. David Archuleta
2. David Cook
3. Carly Smithson
4. Brooke White
5. Michael Johns
6. Jason Castro
7. Ramiele Malubay
8. Syesha Mercado
9. Amanda Overmeyr
10. Chickeze Eze
11. Kristy Lee Cook
12. David Hernandez

Wow, as a hive mind, we're totally accurate! I suspect that Chickeze's average is lower than it would have been if folks had picked after Beatles' night, but eh, America has a short attention span.

Like last year, if you still want to play but couldn't get your picks in before the results show, you can still play along, but you just won't earn any points this week. Last year, a Fashionably Late entrant almost swept the pool, so you're definitely still in the game!

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Blogger Kim said...

I like to think I was handicapping myself so as not to overwhelm the pool with my overpowering awesomeness.

But Fashionably Late works, too.

9:49 AM  

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