Monday, April 23, 2007

Pool Update: Go Kim!

And Sanjaya is out! Here are the standings for this week:

12 points: Kelly S., Kim, Weetabix
11 points: Shmuel
10 points: Carlywei, Wendi, Amanda
9 points: Emily, Kat, S., Mo Pie
8 points: Editrix, Angela, Martha, Stacey

And the overall standings, which puts Kim in first place--amazing considering she had a penalty in the first week!:

63 points: Kim*
62 points: Carlywei
61 points: Martha, Mo Pie
60 points: Angela
59 points: Shmuel, Kelly S.
58 points: Kat, Wendi
54 points: Stacey
53 points: Emily
51 points: Editrix, Amanda
50 points: S.*
48 points: Weetabix*

* = Entered late, points penalty assigned


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