Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pool Results: And Then There Were 9

We were all over the place with Chris Sligh! I predicted yesterday that he'd be the one to go, but that doesn't get me any points in the pool, now does it? Just street cred. You all totally respect me more now, right? Anyway, here are this week's results:

12 points: Kim (wow, Kim!)
10 points: Carlywei, Shmuel
9 points: Angela, Martha
8 points: Mo Pie
7 points: S, Emily, Kelly, Stacey
6 points: Wendi, Kat
5 points: Amanda, Editrix, Weetabix

And the overall standings:

32 points: Mo Pie
31 points: Martha
30 points: Angela, Shmuel, Kim*
29 points: Carlywei
28 points: Kelly S.
26 points: Wendi. Emily
25 points: Kat
24 points: Stacey
23 points: Editrix
22 points: Amanda
20 points: S.*
16 points: Weetabix*

* = Entered late, points penalty assigned


Blogger Kim said...

Damn my bad timing! Damn it straight to hell!!

2:16 PM  

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