Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Never Let Go, Sanjaya

Every week on Idol
We saw you, we heard you,
That is how we know you can't sing

From across the phone lines
And stages between us
You're off the show but you will go on

Near, far
wherever you are
We believe that your hair does go on
Once more you open your mouth
And you can't hit the notes
But your hair will go on and on

We voted for you one time
When you sang "Bathwater"
They said we should vote till you were gone

I think Seacrest loved you
And Paula, she did too
And that girl who cried that one time

Whether it be
VH1 or E!
We know that you'll always be on
It's not a dream; you'll be on our screen
But it won't be the same
On Tuesdays we'll sob and sob

You're gone, now something is wrong
But we know that the show will go on
We'll put calls through, I guess for Mindy Doo
But the show sucks without you
Your hair must go on and on


Blogger Kim said...


Ok. I'm calm. There is no place holder for last night and OH MY GOD!!!! ELVIS!!!!!! ELVIS!!!!!!

I don't ... I can't ... ELVIS!!!!

Deep breath. I'm calm. I love the Bee Gees. I love Andy Gibb, too. But, you must understand, music exists for me on two planes -- ELVIS and non-ELVIS. I am one of those crazy ELVIS fans with the dolls and plates and dvds of all his movies ("Clambake" at 3am is a trip everyone should take!). January 8 and August 16 are national freaking holidays in my world, and I shut things down. It is ELVIS food, music and movies on those days.

I don't even know who that chippie was on stage with him. But, let me enlighten you, missy -- ELVIS does not duet. Unless you are Frank Sinatra or, possibly, Ann-Margret.

And now I am off to the iTunes store.

(I know it was Celine)

2:51 PM  

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