Sunday, March 11, 2007

Official Weetapidol Pool II

Last year, frequent commenter Martha devastated us with her accurate prognostication of the ousting order of the Top 12, and for her efforts, she chose from a selection of Idol-related prizes, getting a Dreamgirls soundtrack for her very own. Can she do it again? Or will you accurately predict the order in which the twelve Idols will be sent home? Here's how to play:

Leave a comment on this thread with your predictions of the order in which the contestants will be sent home. Count down from 12th to 1, with 1 being the new American Idol, and 12th is the lamer who will be voted out next Wednesday.

Participation in the pool is free, and yes, there will be a prize once again!

You will get 13 points for the rankings you get right. One point will be subtracted for each position you are off. So, if you have Blake being eliminated in nine weeks and he is eliminated in five weeks, you'll get 9 points (13 points - 4 positions), but if you guessed that he was going to go all the way and be your new American Idol (Because if we have learned anything after last year, it is that America clearly loves a dorky white guy) you'll only get 5 points (13 points - 8 positions). Your rankings must be in by 6 pm EST on Thursday, March 15 Wednesday, March 14 in order to receive full point value. If it's past that date, you can still play, you just won't get points for the Idols who have already gone home.

In case you need the list of contestants, here it is, in the order they are listed on the AI site:

Gina Glocksen
Haley Scarnato
Blake Lewis
Brandon Rogers
Jordin Sparks
LaKisha Jones
Chris Richardson
Chris Sligh
Melinda Doolittle
Stephanie Edwards
Phil Stacey
Sanjaya Malakar

What will you do, America? What will you do?


Blogger Amanda said...

12 Haley Scarnato
11 Phil Stacey
10 Sanjaya Malakar
9 Jordin Sparks
8 Brandon Rogers
7 Stephanie Edwards
6 Gina Glocksen
5 Chris Richardson
4 Blake Lewis
3 LaKisha Jones
2 Chris Sligh
1 Melinda Doolittle

6:56 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

I feel kind of wimpy doing this before tonight's episode even airs but I don't know if I'll have time to view it before the poll entry is due anyways (busy week). Plus, I'm kind of confident about my lowest rank so they only way I'm screwed is if someone else I have ranked higher doesn't do well.

12 Haley Scarnato
11 Sanjaya Malakar
10 Brandon Rogers
9 Phil Stacey
8 Chris Richardson
7 Stephanie Edwards'
6 Gina Glocksen
5 Jordin Sparks
4 Chris Sligh
3 Blake Lewis
2 LaKisha Jones
1 Melinda Doolittle

7:33 AM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Editrix put her picks in the previous post, so I'm just going to reproduce them here. I'm going to wait until Tuesday to make my picks!

#12 Sanjay Malakar
#11 Phil Stacey
#10 Haley Scarnato
#9 Brandon Rogers
#8 Jordin Sparks
#7 Stephanie Edwards
#6 Chris Richardson
#5 Gina Glockson
#4 Blake Lewis
#3 Lakisha Jones
#2 Chris Sligh
#1 Melinda Doolittle

11:37 AM  
Blogger Weetabix said...

Posting for Angela, who is having problems viewing the site!

12. Sanjaya Malakar

11. Phil Stacey

10. Stephanie Edwards

9. Brandon Rogers

8. Jordin Sparks

7. Gina Glocksen

6. Chris Sligh

5. Haley Scarnato

4. Blake Lewis

3. Lakesha Jones

2. Chris Richardson

1. Melissa Doolittle

1:49 PM  
Blogger Kelly S. said...

12. Haley Scarnato
11. Phil Stacey
10. Stephanie Edwards
9. Brandon Rogers
8. Sanjaya Malakar
7. Jordin Sparks
6. Geena Glocksen
5. Blake Lewis
4. Chris Sligh
3. LaKisha Jones
2. Chris Richardson
1. Melinda Doolittle

1:15 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

OK, here goes:

12 Sanjaya Malakar
11 Brandon Rogers
10 Haley Scarnato
9 Stephanie Edwards
8 Phil Stacey
7 Gina Glocksen
6 Chris Sligh
5 Jordin Sparks
4 Blake Lewis
3 LaKisha Jones
2 Chris Richardson
1 Melinda Doolittle

7:13 PM  
Blogger Wendi said...

12 - Brandon Rogers
11 - Haley Scarnato
10 - Sanjaya Malakar
9 - Phil Stacey
8 - Gina Glocksen
7 - Chris Richardson
6 - Stephanie Edwards
5 - Jordin Sparks
4 - Blake Lewis
3 - Chris Sligh
2 - LaKisha Jones
1 - Melinda Doolittle

8:38 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

12. Brandon Rogers
11. Sanjaya Malakar
10. Chris Richardson
9. Phil Stacey
8. Haley Scarnato
7. Gina Glocksen
6. Blake Lewis
5. Stephanie Edwards
4. Jordin Sparks
3. Chris Sligh
2. Lakisha Jones
1. Melinda Doolittle

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Angela said...

Thanks for posting my list, Weet! Of course I meant Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones. :D
This is fun!!

7:54 AM  
Blogger stacey said...

12. Sanjaya Malakar
11. Haley Scarnato
10. Brandon Rogers
9. Jordin Sparks
8. Gina Glocksen
7. Phil Stacey
6. Chris Richardson
5. Stephanie Edwards
4. Chris Sligh
3. Blake Lewis
2. Lakisha Jones
1. Melinda Doolittle

9:12 AM  
Blogger carlywei said...

12 Haley Scarnato
11 Brandon Rogers
10 Sanjaya Malakar
9 Gina Glocksen
8 Phil Stacey
7 Chris Sligh
6 Stephanie Edwards
5 Chris Richardson
4 LaKisha Jones
3 Blake Lewis
2 Jordin Sparks
1 Melinda Doolittle

10:47 AM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Here are mine:

12. Haley Scarnato
11. Brandon Rogers
10. Stephanie Edwards
9. Chris Richardson
8. Phil Stacey
7. Jordin Sparks
6. Gina Glockson
5. Chris Sligh
4. Melinda Doolittle
3. Sanjaya Malakar
2. Blake Lewis
1. LaKisha Jones

12:23 PM  
Blogger Shmuel said...

Coolness. (And, hey, I've got a pool too!)

12. Brandon
11. Haley
10. Chris R.
9. Sanjaya
8. Phil
7. Chris S.
6. Stephanie
5. LaKisha
4. Gina
3. Jordin
2. Blake
1. Melinda

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12. Brandon Rogers
11. Sanjaya Malakar
10. Haley Scarnato
9. Phil Stacey
8. Stephanie Edwards
7. Jordin Sparks
6. Gina Glockson
5. Chris Richardson
4. Chris Sligh
3. Melinda Doolittle
2. Lakish Jones
1. Blake Lewis


P.S. When I read the entry it said Thursday. Dude, let me in, that's not fair! *laughs*

7:52 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Shoot the hostage!

I know I'm too late for F12, howabout I jump in at F11?

12-Brandon (duh)
5-Chris R

Meh. What do I know?

9:20 AM  

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