Monday, May 29, 2006

Pool Results & Mailing List News

No, I didn't forget the Idol Pool! Our winner is Martha, with 130 points! Woo! Martha will get a fabulous prize as soon as we make one up. So Martha, e-mail your address to Weetapidol headquarters (weetapidol -at- and watch your mailbox! Overall standings along with the Katharine/Taylor breakdown are below.

I hope to see everybody back at Weetapidol next season. (Although I hope we can convince Abby and Mo to write a review of the Idol show when they go to it... what do you think, Weet?) If you would like to be notified when Weetapidol begins updating again, please click here. We promise not to harass you with too many e-mails.

Thanks for spending the season with us!

1. MARTHA, 130 points
2. Ana, 128 points (so close)
3. Trance, 124 points
4. Pie, 123 points
5. Celine, 122 points
6. Bailey, 120 points
7. Editrix, 119 points (and would have won if she hadn't joined a week late, so extra kudos to editrix)
8. Shmuel, 115 points
9. Weet, 109 points
10. My parakeets, 105 points
11. Merr, 95 points

13 points: Trance
12 points: Weet, Martha
11 points: Ana, Editrix
10 points: Celine
9 points: Pie, Bailey
8 points: Shmuel, Merr
4 points: Parakeets

12 points: Pie
11 points: Ana, Martha, Shmuel, Editrix, the parakeets
10 points: Bailey
9 points: Weet
8 points: Trance
3 points: Merr


Anonymous Martha said...

YIPPEE! I won! Whoooo! Where's my recording contract?? When do I start the tour?? What?? I didn't win American Idol. Damn.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris turned down the Fuel job! He's gonna do his own thing! Woo I called that one!


5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kat's Bulimia Battle

American Idol Runner-Up, Katharine McPhee bravely came forward and talked about her struggle with bulimia that she has had for years. She was throwing so much that it was starting to strain on her voice...which could jeopardize her future career. Kat credits American Idol for saving her life. It was when she was on A.I. that she began going to a treatment center in L.A. Over her time on the ever-so-popular Fox show she did lose quite a bit of weight. However, Kat says that her 30lb. (3 dress sizes) weight loss was from eating healthy.
You can read more about her battle with this eating disorder in People Magazine out this Friday.


2:40 PM  

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