Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 4 Pool Results

Michael Lynche earned the ire of America the second time this season and got voted off for realsies, leaving the state of our spreadsheet in total chaos, as he was originally voted off in 9th place but then in 4th place means that the average of the two is 6.5. Seems simple, right? Not when it came to our scoring spreadsheet. We did a bunch of calculating and then it worked but we realized that now everyone had a .5 on their score and Weet's OCD drove her to complain about things not looking "tidy" and since everyone was affected equally we rounded that .5 up to a full point. As Mo said, math is funny.

Now, ready for the rub? With the exception of Anti-Shmuel, all of us thought Michael would be America's Sweetheart for much longer than he was. In fact, over 90% of the pool put him in their Top 4. Ouch. Wendi and Jeremy actually predicted that Michael would go home this week, but because he only stuck around because of the stupid judge's choice rule, they ended up only getting 9 points instead of the full 12 for that prognostication.  Mopie was closest to the modified ranking with her prediction of 7th place, which gave her a push to second place in the pool results.

It would seem like Carly has a lock on first and with two of her top three still on the show, she's due for some major pointage in the coming weeks, but the rest of us can take heart, as 75% of the pool ranked Crystal in their Top 3 and 25% ranked Lee or Casey in their Top 3. It's still anyone's game!

Carly 88
Hive Mind 85
Mopie 84
Shari 84
Gila 83
Wendi 82
Jeremy 82
TeKay 80
Kim 79
Martha 78
Weet 78
Kelly 78
Shmuel 77
Anti Shmuel 71


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