Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Betting on Idol: Tim and Andrew are this year's Kris Allen

We all know that the Hive Mind is predicting Michael Lynche will be top dawg in May, but Vegas has a slightly different spin. If you're planning on betting, you can clean up by putting your money where your mouth is if you're betting Michael or Lee, but Vegas agrees that Siobhan is in it for the long haul. Last year, Vegas was predicting Adam with Kris sitting in the "Not Likely" category. If I were Crystal, I wouldn't be relaxing quite yet (despite the fact that Simon accused her of doing it already). From the folks at Bookmaker.com

Aaron 16%
Andrew 15%
Casey 18%
Crystal 55%
Katie 11%
Lee 14%
Michael 14%
Paige 11%
Tim 13%
Siobhan 40%



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