Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pool Update: And Your Top 4....

Weetabix is out of town on business for like two weeks, so it'll take us a while before we watch the Sinatra episode. (But I need to see it since I love Sinatra, and I also love Harry Connick Jr., have you seen Memphis Belle? How cute is he!?) In the meantime...

Who would have predicted Aaron would go home this week!? I guess the answer to that is Carly, who had him going in 5th place and now zooms into first place. Weirdly, Anti-Shmuel was next with 6th place, then real Shmuel with 7th place. Math is funny.

The rest of us all had 9, 10, 11, or 12. So the new standings are!

81 points, Carly
79 points, Hive Mind
76 points, Shari, Gila
74 points, TeKay
73 points, Mo Pie, Jeremy, Wendi
72 points, Martha, Kelly S., Weet
71 points, Shmuel, Kim
65 points, Anti-Shmuel

Should be an interesting few weeks!


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