Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 9 (again) Weetapidol Pool Results: Buh Bye Flowers in the Attic and Mr Toad!

This week, two contestants were aufed, Ms Katie "Flowers In The Attic" Stevens and "Mr Toad" Andrew Garcia, one of whom was taking a bullet for Michael Lynche, who was saved by the judges last week. Oh America, what have you done?

The pool standings still remain volatile every week, with a spread of only 12 points among the real players! It's still anyone's game! The Hive Mind has taken the lead (thanks entirely to the fact that Michael is still in the game), with Shari a close second. I accidentally omitted Martha's name from the pool standings last week, but here she is in all of her glory. We've also added the Anti-Shmuel, based upon Shmuel's comment that he would have done better if he would have reversed the order of his picks. No, not better, Shmuel, but um, not that bad either.

Hive Mind    54
Shari    53
Mopie    51
Wendi    51
Gila    51
Carly    50
TeKay    50
Kim    47
Jeremy    47
Kelly S    47
Weet    45
Martha    43
Shmuel    41
Anti Shmuel    36


Blogger mo pie said...

Wow, it's cool that Martha caught up with the pack so quickly!

And also, I hope Michael goes soon, because I think I ranked him lower than everyone else, and THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR ME.

I want to win this pool one of these years, damnit!

11:36 AM  

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