Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 11: Michael Buble, Castrochuleta, & Mo Pie's Hot Ex

Due to some technical difficulties, Mo Pie is watching the show on her TiVo and Weetabix is watching clips on, minus judges’ comments.

Michael Sarver
"Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)"

Weetabix: I don't know how I feel about all of this harmonica
Pie: Is that Anoop playing harmonica?
Weetabix: Is it? That's Anoop?
Pie: I have no idea.
Weetabix: Go mildly talented harmonica player
Pie: Country is not my thing, dawg.
Weetabix: I like, maybe, four country songs
and this is most assuredly not one of them
Pie: He is making a weird face.
Weetabix: There's way too much reliance on poor grammar for my taste
"Ain't" is a trigger word, I think
Pie: I do not care for him or this performance.
Weetabix: Oh, he's basically just pulling out his cock and jizzing all over this performance
Pie: A classy assessment.
Weetabix: I cannot stay classy while this tripe is on my tv (or
Pie: Randy: "check it out baby check it out... it was a cool song choice but your performance basically sucked"
Weetabix: HA!
Pie: Kara says they enjoyed his personality. but they did not get to see his personality.
Weetabix: his personality is that he's "from Texas"
Pie: wow. Kara complimented him on MEMORIZING THE WORDS. how sad is that?
Weetabix: Isn't that in the rules? the memorization thing?
Pie: then she said "the sun came up"…Kara is useless.
Weetabix: Commercial break for Weetabix: I'm having Wheat Thins
Pie: Paula said it was his genre.
Simon said "it should have been good."
Weetabix: and yet... it wasn't?
Pie: "but I couldn't understand a single word, you might as well have been singing in Norwegian."
Weetabix: that was an accurate AND classy assessment
Pie: Simon called him clumsy and karaoke
he gave it 1.2 on a scale of 1 to 10
Weetabix: I think he's a little harsh, but I'd give it maybe a four
Pie now Michael Sarver is giving the "vote for me" finger.
Weetabix: and now a three, since he loses a point for doing the finger

Allison Iraheta
"Blame It On Your Heart"

Pie: Randy Travis is the mentor
he told her "don't be too cute"
Weetabix: what is her song?
Pie: this is something will tell you!
Weetabix: Blame It On Your Heart
Pie: I like her hair and jacket combo, and how they are the same color
Weetabix: that's an interesting choice
very Jem
Pie: truly outrageous!
Weetabix: truly truly
Pie: she is boring me
Weetabix: agreed… I was bored with her last week, even though I like her
Pie: people love her but she doesn't do it for me
Weetabix: People loved Amanda Overmeyer
Pie: she seems super awkward too… like this is almost good stage presence, but in fact is awkward
Weetabix: she's like 16 though. I give her a pass for that
Pie: okay, judges report!
Kara gets to talk first… she has a fabulous necklace, by the way
Weetabix: I'm sorry I'm missing that
Pie: "you could sing the alphabet and sing it well"
Kara is fixated on people knowing words and letters
Paula said it was solid and that she has a "rock edge" and she should start "experimenting"
Weetabix: Is Paula on 'ludes today? “experimenting” with mood suppressants?
Pie: Simon thought it was good, but tuneless, and looked like she had a hard time remembering the words
Weetabix: Simon is a good and just god
I don't know why people give him a bad time, quite honestly. He's rarely been wrong.
Pie: people don't give him a bad time except the audience, and they are obligated at this point to boo him
Randy thought it was "dope"
Allison looks cute but nervous

Kris Allen
“To Make You Feel My Love”

Weetabix: btw, did you watch Kelly on last week's result's show?
Pie: not yet!
Weetabix: she does NOT look like her album cover
Weetabix: it's a good performance, but she was better on Saturday Night Live
Pie: I still have to see that, too.

Pie: okay, Randy Travis is saying... that Kris is "a strong ballad singer"
he "made it his own" per Randy Travis
Weetabix: I'm somewhat biased against Kris Allen because I feel like he's another Jason Castro
Pie: this is the young lad I was strangely attracted to before he began to resemble David Archuleta
Weetabix: He DOES look like Archuleta
no, it's his stage presence that brings the Castro
at least, last week it did for me
Pie: I see that... he is the love child of Jason Castro and David Archuleta
Weetabix: oh my god… that is it
Pie: I don't know this song and thus am bored. and his last note was lacking something. perhaps “being in tune.”
Weetabix: yeah, the whole thing was weirdly unprovocative for me
I am nonplussed
Pie: Paula first... pleasantly surprised by his vulnerability.
she really said that! those are real words!
Weetabix: that's how he gets the chicks, though
Pie: now she's talking about the pitchyness of his low notes. Paula = making sense!
Weetabix: when did he have a hard edge that he had to erase for Paula?
Pie: oh, no idea
Pie: Simon: thought it was terrific
Weetabix: I made a "whatever" face just now, in case it was obscured by my box of Wheat Thins
Pie: I've only seen Kris sing once and I was busy trying to deal with my fleeting sexual attraction, so cannot recall his hard edge
Weetabix: really? REALLY? this is how the Clay Aiken thing started, isn't it?
Pie: no, my attraction to Kris is gone. he is a child. a mere lad.
Weetabix: well, at least the world has been saved from that
You didn't have someone to point out the error in your rationale.
Pie: did you not read my notes? I MADE NOTES!!
Weetabix: Did you not read mine, where I pointed out his douche-ness?
Pie: I get all the white douchey guys mixed up.
Weetabix: it's not your fault. There are so many.
Pie: there are like seven of them this season.
Weetabix: we'd be hard-pressed to crown a Cap'n Date Rape this season
Weetabix: Its worse than the season of Taylor
Pie: oh, no more judges, I think I stopped listening… OH!
Weetabix: OH!?
Pie: Taylor's tickets for his show on Sunset are going for a whopping $0.00
Weetabix: HA! HAHAHAHA!
that burns, man… at least he got the Disney Cruise out of it
Pie: it was on TMZ:

Lil Rounds
“Independence Day”

Weetabix: which, by the way, I've heard at karaoke bars more times than I can even remember
Pie: who sings it again? besides Lil?
Weetabix: Uh.... a lot of bad karaoke singers? Martina McBride, maybe?
It's not Shania
Pie: Ryan Raps with Lil Rounds, who has FABULOUS LIPSTICK RIGHT UP IN HERE
Weetabix: that's all I know
Pie: and dress and jewelry... FABULOUS
Weetabix: really, she gets a Raps? niiiice
Pie: Martina McBride, Randy Travis just pointed out
Weetabix: whoa.... I feel somewhat bad that I knew that
Pie: okay, he is suggesting she go slower on the verses... nothing exciting happening here on the montage
Weetabix: my Wheat Thins are giving me grief now
Pie: oh noooo. damn you, Thins!
Weetabix: Is the stage looking like a mofo BANJO or is it just me?
Pie: god she looks FABULOUS.
Weetabix: I do like the dress a lot… I don't think Simon will, though
Pie: I am busy admiring the fabulous… oh I guess I can see banjo, yes. or clock.
Weetabix: it is very good lipstick… a banjo that is also a clock
Pie: YES!
Weetabix: I think normally it's a faster song than this
Pie: I am just still not over how great she looks. she's doing a very solid job. but man that dress!
Weetabix: I enjoy Lil Rounds
Pie: me too... she's great! this is vocally very impressive.
Weetabix: She's kind of selling country to me right now
Pie: that's a big statement!
Weetabix: It seriously is. Like, I would listen to that in my car and enjoy it.
Pie: she's selling me this song, I don't know about the whole genre.
Weetabix: I meant, if Lil Rounds sang additional country songs, I could perhaps get behind them.
Pie: well there you go
Weetabix: That happens a lot, though, for me. Like, add Jack White to country and suddenly I love it.
Pie: ooh, Van Lear Rose! YES.
Weetabix: what do the judges think?
Pie: Randy didn't like it! didn't think she sounded comfortable.
Lil says she wanted to break out of R&B
then Randy says she should have picked "I Will Always Love You"--missing the point, Randy.
Weetabix: Well, didn't someone go home last year on that song during Dolly week?
Pie: Kara is saying she "did what she felt" and that's good.
Weetabix: she should have picked Patsy Cline, if she were going to pick anything
Pie: Paula said she was spot on in her vocals and looks fabulous, THANK YOU PAULA.
Weetabix: but then again, I love me some Patsy Cline
Pie: yeah, who doesn't?
Weetabix: robots
Pie: Simon just called her "Little"
Pie: and now there's this whole schtick about him calling her "Little," and he did not like it
Weetabix: her name is LIL, Simon! That's just disrespectful. She should call him Simpleton
and "Little" is now going off on a rant, and Simon just cut her off and called her "Little" again.
Paula keeps naming songs Lil should have sung instead.
Weetabix: Well, Independence Day is kind of a sucky song. I never understand why people sing it at karaoke
Pie: well, we're moving on anyway. commercials!

Adam Lambert
“Ring of Fire”

Pie: Adam Lambert is going to do “Ring of Fire”
Weetabix: which is, I think, a very calculated risk
Pie: YES. I am already very happy.
Weetabix: because can anyone ever do this and erase the memory of Daughtry! doing this song so amazingly?
Pie: hahaha! Daughtry did "Walk The Line"
Weetabix: oooh, sick burn
Pie: so much for that indelible memory!
Weetabix: blaming the Wheat Thins

Weetabix: by the way, I had extended discussions this week with Abby
Abby is very pro Adam
Pie: I am also pro Adam
Weetabix: as am I
Pie: he reminds me of my HOT EX ADAM, just a less alcoholic version
Weetabix: does he? Oh, I can kind of see that, although I'm pretty sure that your Hot Ex Adam wasn't in the closet, as I'm thinking our AI Adam is
Pie: is Adam not out?
Weetabix: I don't believe he's out… he's still Hot though
Pie: Randy Travis is confused by Adam's nail polish
Pie: he is doing some emo goth thing and this is not good.
Weetabix: I don't know how I feel about this right now
I really love the original of this song
Pie: he's not as good as Chris Daughtry, when he did his memorable version of a totally different Johnny Cash song.
Weetabix: he's going to have to pull me back around
definitely not as good as Daughtry!
Pie: yeah, this is not improving on the original… nice note, though. just... belongs in a different song.
Weetabix: it was interesting, definitely
Pie: well this whole thing is kind of interesting.
Weetabix: it's very risky
this is a little too Jim Morrison for AI, I suspect
Pie: YES! SO Jim Morrison, you're not wrong.
Weetabix: he's even wearing the leather pants
if it weren't AI, he'd probably not be wearing a shirt
Pie: okay, judges!
Weetabix: do tell
Pie: Kara is saying she's never seen country like it, but she enjoyed "the Egyptian thing," and drama and strangeness
Weetabix: that's such a Wade compliment… Wade doesn't tell lies, so she says things that sound like compliments but aren't
Pie: hee.
Weetabix: things like "I've never seen the use of color that way"
Pie: "it was strange, but I kind of liked it. it left me confused and sort of happy."
that's the first decent comment Kara has made so far.
Pie: Paula is talking about how he was true to himself as an artist.
Paula is throwing out references to Led Zeppelin and sitar music that, once again, are coherent.
who is this person?
Simon says "what the hell was that?" "there are lots of people throwing their television sets out of the window" "absolute indulgent rubbish"
Randy says, imagine Nine Inch Nails doing a country song. he loves it.
Weetabix: that's pretty apt too… kind of Nine Inch Nails
Pie: well, it was certainly divisive!
oooh, Ryan: "We've come a long way since Taylor Hicks stood right here!"
they are now in "we all openly hate Taylor Hicks" mode.
Weetabix: ha! really? what are they saying?
Pie: well just what I quoted above… but when Ryan is criticizing Taylor, you know it's bad
Weetabix: I had an elaborate fantasy where each judge explained why he or she hated Taylor Hicks
Pie: ha! if only!

Scott McIntyre
“Wild Angels”

Weetabix: I don't have video of Scott, so I will be blind
Pie: Scott McIntyre, "Some Song About Troubled Times"
Weetabix: Wild Angels ?
Pie: I like Scott's voice a lot.
yes! Wild Angels are some of the words.
Weetabix: I only have the audio
which is... lovely
Pie: I really enjoy him also.
Weetabix: I should close my eyes to chat
Pie: he is doing great... sounds great, playing the piano.
Weetabix: Who is this by originally?
Pie: Country McSingerperson.
Weetabix: I just tried closing my eyes, but I realized that I couldn't read what you were typing, so I've given up the homage to Scott's handicapability
Pie: I have to say I really like his voice... people in the pool put him way down low but I think he's way better than that placement
Weetabix: I don't know, it sounds a LOT like whatever he did last week
I like his voice too… and also, the blind thing is weirdly hot
or maybe I'm taunted by the Mormon thing
Pie: Paula "you work harder than many people on that stage" but the piano is a crutch for him
Weetabix: he has to memorize it all! He can't even look at the music!
and also, hello, DANCE SEQUENCES
Pie: Simon is like "what do you expect him to do?" and he says Paula is stupid... because Scott is blind I guess.
and just compared Scott to Elton John, “who always sits behind a piano.”
Weetabix: Elton John isn't blind nor Mormon
Paula said "and so does Billy Joel and so does Stevie Wonder and so does Ray Charles"
Weetabix: wait, Billy Joel is blind?
Pie: ha!
this song was also by Martina McBride
Paula and Simon are fighting
Randy wants "hot crazy unbelievable vocals"
Kara is going to sum up: "up your game a little"
Simon says "choose better songs"
and Paula says "get out from behind the piano and connect with the audience"
Scott is saying he works on song arrangements a lot.
Weetabix: He could trip off the stage and fall into the audience
Pie: I like you, Scott!
Weetabix: I like Scott too! And also, hello, is it me you're looking for?
Pie: I am guessing he is probably not going to fall off the stage! I think he probably has some skills not to fall off of things.
while you mold Scott's head out of clay, I am going to fast forward
Weetabix: *First footnoted joke of Weetapidol season: because the video for "Hello" had a blind girl who sculpted Lionel Ritchie's face!
Pie: I don't think that needs a footnote!
maybe it does. commenters, chime in!

Alexis Grace

Pie: Ryan Raps… Alexis is wearing the CUTEST DRESS ALSO
Weetabix: as cute as Lil Rounds' dress?
Pie: not as good as Lil’s, but very cute. off the shoulder and sparkly and black.
Pie: Alexis loves country music because she is from the south
Weetabix: yes!
Pie: speaking of the White Stripes
Weetabix: totally
Pie: their cover of this song makes me the HAPPIEST
Randy Travis likes her and applauded for her and said it was "perfect"
Weetabix: oooh! I can't wait!
Weetabix: I do like this
Pie: she is moving her mouth weird. but I do not care.
Weetabix: She's got moments where her voice isn't what I would call pretty, but then she totally brings me back into the fold.
Pie: she looks like a young Dolly, too. it's kind of crazy. like she could easily be Dolly's daughter.
Weetabix: Yeah, she really does. It's the nose and the blondeness.
Pie: now she is flailing her arms a little… but she's hitting the fuck out of these notes
Weetabix: Well, so far, this is my favorite performance of the evening
Pie: yeah for me it's this and Lil, but this, totes awesome.
Randy isn't sure she "hit the notes" well
Weetabix: There were a few bad notes, but it was still pretty awesome
Pie: "pitch problems" said Randy
Kara said she lost her edge, and wanted her to do an "edgy" song... by Carrie Underwood.
Weetabix: huh
Pie: hee. the last person we would have ever thought would be described as “edgy.”
Weetabix: And sorry, but the White Stripes edged the hell out of Jolene
shut up, Ione Skye
Pie: yeah no shit. I love that cover so much.
Paula thinks it was more effective than Kara and Randy do... Alexis’s artistic approach was good.
Paula "I don't care about pitch problems"… okay, Paula!
Simon says it was okay but that she sounded too Dolly-like
Weetabix: I can see that
Pie: “forgettable,” he said
Weetabix: but at the same time, didn't they freak because Adam didn't sound Johnny Cash-ish enough?
Pie: yeah well Adam's was an insane thing.
I think we can all agree there's a middle ground here somewhere!

Danny Gokey
“Jesus Take The Wheel”

Pie: Danny Gokey is going to sing a Carrie Underwood song... I love it already!
Weetabix: how edgy! "Jesus Take The Wheel"
Pie: oh that's a bummer… I was hoping for "Before He Cheats"
Weetabix: I was hoping for the one where she doesn't know her last name
Pie: yes! that would be an awesome gender-bendy one.
Weetabix: AI doesn't like gender bendy
Pie: Danny is fucking up badly in rehearsal. Randy Travis is not amused.
Weetabix: redemption arc?
Pie: but he says he has an enviable soulfulness when he knows the words.
Weetabix: that's such a backhanded compliment
Pie: no, it was actually a very nice compliment if you saw it, I did not correctly report it.
Pie: Danny is wearing a marshmallow coat. a blinding white coat, are you seeing this?
Weetabix: yes… I don't understand it
bring back the wallet chain, AI Stylist!!!
I don't like this
Pie: I want to set this coat on fire
Jesus, Take This Coat!
Weetabix: HA!
the vocals are not so much here
Pie: I like Danny and his voice, and actually this performance I kind of like. I might have to disagree with you.
Weetabix: maybe I just really don't like the song or the fashion
we get to disagree
Pie: the audience is responding anemically… perhaps they are struck blind by the coat
if Scott looks at it, maybe he will be healed!
Weetabix: they would save that for Idol Gives Back

Weetabix: I'm actually coming back around a little bit. It's the Rent-quality to his voice that I like. I could totally see him playing Mark in Rent.
Pie: yeah he is nerdy enough to be Mark
Kara liked the second half a lot, and did not like "the front half"
Weetabix: I can agree with that weirdly phrased observation
Pie: Paula stammers and disagrees, and liked that the song built to a crescendo
which, I see that point too.
Simon agrees with Paula that you have to have "light and shade" in a song
Simon hates the outfit!
Weetabix: well, thank god
Pie: Randy, OF FUCKING COURSE, likes the jacket.
Simon says it looks like he's going on a polar expedition.
Randy says "don't talk to Simon about fashion"
Weetabix: No, because he knows what he's talking about
Pie: anyway, Randy agrees with Kara and says "support the verses better"
my god, RANDY… the shit that man wears...

Anoop Desai
"You Are Always On My Mind"

Pie: Randy Travis likes it
Randy Travis has no discernment
he likes everything
Weetabix: OH! I love this song! LOVE.
Pie: Anoop has a good smile… he is wearing a hoodie. that seems weird.
Weetabix: I mean, I like the Pet Shop Boys version
Pie: I haven't heard it.
Weetabix: Always On My Mind?
Pie: well, the Pet Shop Boys version.
Weetabix: It was on the Valentine's CD that I didn't send you
Pie: yes, my empty case!
Weetabix: you may have seen it on the liner notes that you DID receive
Pie: I don't know, I cried so hard when here was no CD, I think the liner notes blurred.
Weetabix: aw, that's so sad, it's too bad you didn't have the CD, as there were some schmoopy songs you could have played to soothe your broken heart
Pie: it's weird, after Willie Nelson, this version just sounds generic
Weetabix: this version does sound generic, but I do enjoy Anoop's voice
Pie: I like Anoop. but this is genericoriffic.
Weetabix: he should have totally gone Pet Shop Boys
Pie: Paula "Anoop is back!"
Paula is wearing a sparkly ring shaped like a star. DON'T EVER CHANGE, PAULA!
Simon says Anoop went from zero to hero, and it was one of his favorite of the whole night.
Weetabix: really? I really liked Jolene, though
Pie: Simon takes back what he said about Anoop not deserving to be in the top13. thought he chose a great song and delivered a great vocal and took criticism well last week.
Weetabix: ooh, that's mature, Simon!
Pie: Randy likes the arrangement.
Randy called him "Anoop Dog" which again, I love.
Kara says it's amazing, and best performance of the night. wow.
Weetabix: really!? weird.
Pie: yeah. well, we are not on the same page as the judges!
Weetabix: clearly not.

Megan Joy
“I Go Out Walking After Midnight”

Pie: okay, I am on Megan Utah montage… singing Patsy Cline!
Weetabix: which I approve
Pie: Randy says this song’s been done every possible way, but her version is unique
Weetabix: interesting… it's actually not my favorite Patsy Cline by far, but it's a middling pick
Pie: his dress is quite something.
I'll just say it: boobs.
Weetabix: I do not like how she said "my-als" instead of "miles"
Pie: this is weird. what the fuck is she doing with this weird-ass enunciation?
Weetabix: Is she trying to be all Squirrel Nut Zippers or something? I hate this.
Pie: I want to smack her. the boobs are not swaying me. I too hate this.
Weetabix: oh my god
Pie: "afterrrrrrr midnighttttuuhh"… BLECH.
Weetabix: the hands? She doesn't know what to do with her arms.
Pie: VOMIT. this sucks.
Weetabix: I'm embarrassed for her
Pie: the enunciation! AWFUL. DREADFUL, as Simon would say.
Weetabix: can't wait to hear what the judges say about this
Pie: okay here we go… Randy says "you're glad that one's over, right?"
Weetabix: ha!
Pie: he just said he thought it was going to be a trainwreck, but was impressed.
Weetabix: oh really?
Pie: fuck you, Randy, you liked the white coat. you know nothing.
Weetabix: ha!
Pie: Kara said the song was perfect, and that she's a winner because she sang that well with the flu.
okay, she has the flu. she's coughing, actually.
Weetabix: I mean, it was stylistically memorable, at least, but I'm offended for the sake of country singers who died in plane crashes everywhere
Pie: Paula says she's been in the hospital with the flu.
Weetabix: interesting. They are saying this so that she gets the pity vote
Pie: "if this is what sick is being about, then have at it"… aww, Paula.
Simon says she looks gorgeous and sounded better this week than last week even with the flu.
Weetabix: boobs
Pie: okay, sorry, I hated it.
Weetabix: no, I loathed it, don't apologize to me
Pie: I admire her for singing with the flu, but that hurt my heart.
Weetabix: even with the boobs
Pie: I was apologizing to the universe, since the flu should be a mitigating circumstance. but it is not.

Matt Giraud
"So Small"

Pie: okay montage! this boring-ass Matt guy.
Weetabix: I don't even remember him from last week
Pie: Randy Travis likes it, duh, of course.
Weetabix: well, Randy Travis is totally White Guy Boring
Pie: now Paula is sniffing Simon's arm
Weetabix: context for Paula sniffing Simon's arm?
Pie: none. zero.

Pie: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz… this guy gives me narcolepsy
Weetabix: oh that's right, this guy
Pie: this guy, who is boring.
Weetabix: "Hey, look, I'm playing piano too! Sure, I can see, but whatever, half credit?!"
Pie: hee
Weetabix: this song sounds exactly like last week's song… I am bored
Pie: he can sing, but yawn. there are too many white guys. vote off a white guy. this one will do.
Weetabix: he's the Michael Buble CD of this entire competition
Pie: hahhahaa
Weetabix: vote off Castrochuleta!
Pie: L to the O to the L
Castrochuleta! I'd completely forgotten about him.
Weetabix: because the white guys are all forgettable! Except blind white guy.
Pie: and Adam Lambert!

Pie: Kara says "there ain't nothing small about you!"
she wants to have sex with him
Paula can't figure out how to say "authenticity" but that's what she thinks he has
Weetabix: ha!
Pie: and he is "piercing her heart" which I think also means she wants to have sex with him
Weetabix: well, of course she does
Pie: she just said "kudos to Carrie Underwood for allowing these kids to sing her songs"
and Simon is like "as if she'd say no"
Weetabix: ha!
Pie: Simon thinks he's underrated and was better than Danny tonight
Weetabix: how many of her songs did Carrie get on the show? two? three?
I think they own it, so it's not like that's a feat
Pie: OH MY GOD!!!!!!
Weetabix: HA!!!
From my mouth to Simon's ears!
Pie: Randy also says he is a cross between Michael Buble and Justin Timberlake
I say he is a cross between a nap and a....nother nap.

Pie: so, your predictions?
Weetabix: huh
Pie: I say vote off that first guy, Michael Sarver
Weetabix: I hope it's Megan Joyless or Michael Sarver
Pie: now that I am seeing him again I'm like, yeah, he can go.
Castrochuleta is boring too. there he is again, Castrochuleting all over the place.
Weetabix: Although Allison didn't win any prizes tonight either
Castrochuleta is boring, but I think his performance last week will carry him over
I suspect he has a John Peter Lewis type fan base
Pie: no not so much. there's Lil Rounds being awesome, Adam Lambert being fucking weird.
Scott being very solid, I think... Alexis being cool.
Weetabix: Adam is going to get votes, though, because he's a star and he took a weird risk
Pie: yeah. also he looks like my hot ex, points for that!
Weetabix: Anoop should be safe, although is very concerned about him
Pie: Danny looking like he’s wearing a strait jacket... what does Dial Idol say?
Weetabix: I don't think Danny sucked enough… let me look!
Pie: Megan enunciating weirdly
Weetabix: Dial Idol has Megan, Michael, Scott, Allison and Alexis at risk, in that order
Which is sad for Alexis, because I really think she did well
Pie: so Megan leaving?
Weetabix: no, backwards
Pie: oooh shit!
Weetabix: Alexis was lowest
Pie: I like Alexis! and she's pretty high in the pool…
Weetabix: it may screw everyone in the pool!
Pie: well at least it will screw us all!
Weetabix: that is so!
Pie: I predict Michael Sarver to go, because I WANT IT.
Weetabix: from your lips to America's ears
Pie: okay, we're done? I think we're done!
Weetabix: We're done! This Weetapidol brought to you by Rickey.Org and the enjoyable crisp of Wheat Thins. By Nabisco.
Pie: Wheathinapidol out!


Blogger Kim said...

I think my girl Allison goes tonight. I love her, I just do.

I believe Adam is out. His MySpace was of him kissing his boyfriend. Right up until his performance last night, I was pro-Adam. But ... I can't explain it. He sings so well, but the performance was horrific, but he's so talented ... For me, he's walking the line (ha) between indulgent (he was) and that place where it's no longer about the show, the song, the stage, the music -- it is Adam Lambert's Xanadu and we've all drunk the purple Kool-Aid.

Have y'all heard the rumor that AI rigged the final four for Danny, Adam, Alexis & Lil?

3:05 PM  
Blogger mo pie said...

I heard that, but actually it doesn't impress me that much, because that matches up so well with conventional wisdom. In fact, the Weetapidol Hive Mind (the average of all our pool predictions) has those as the top four: 1. Adam, 2. Danny, 3. Lil, 4. Alexis. I think those are obviously the front runners...

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously that rigged Idol rumor doesn't hold any water with Alexis going home last night....unless AI ditched her just to cover their butts? Hmm....

I wish she had picked a better song. She had had good vocals and I felt so bad for her singing for her supper last night. All the judges huddled around made me ill.

I was so close with my pool pick! He was in the bottom 2, do I get partial points for that? :)


9:10 AM  
Blogger Shmuel said...

Alexis was ROBBED.

...well, okay, she wasn't, she just didn't stand out strongly enough this week and got lost in the shuffle. (I didn't vote for her either.) But it's a shame.

9:23 AM  

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