Monday, April 04, 2011

Weetapidol Pool Results: Top 11 and Top 11!

This week, two people go home: awesomely named Thia Megia and misguidedly reggae Naima Adedapo.

As for Thia, Shari was the big winner, correctly placing her at 11th place. Shmuel also did well by putting her in 10th. The rest of us were all off by two or more places.

Naima, on the other hand, was correctly picked as 11th by Weet, Wendi, Shmuel and Jeremey. (Wait, who's Jeremey... Savage tax books, is that you?)

Note that Shmuel placed Naima and Thia as 11th and 10th respectively, and since 11th and 11th were impossible picks, he basically got the perfect score this week.

Also close on Naima were Kelly S. with 12th place, and the Hive Mind with 10th. This shakes up our standings as follows:

44 points: Wendi, Weetapidol Hive Mind
43 points: Mo Pie
41 points: Shari
40 points: Weet
39 points: Jeremey
38 points: Shmuel, Kelly S.
27 points: Martha
20 points: Anti-Shmuel


Blogger Jeremy H. said...

Savage = Jeremy :)

10:47 AM  
Blogger Shmuel said...

I shall savor my one-week perfect score! :-)

6:11 PM  

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