Friday, March 25, 2011

Weetapidol Pool Results and Mo Pie's Musings

Oh, that damn Judges' Save, throwing things off. The last time this happened, we figured out a system that I thought was fair; whatever place Casey leaves in, we'll average that with 11th place to get his final score. For instance, if he actually leaves in 5th place, we'll award points as if he went home in 8th place, an average of the two placements.

For the record, the only person who got anywhere close to 11th place was Anti-Shmuel, who isn't even real, who put Casey 13th. The second-closest was me, Mo, who put him at 6th place. And he basically has to win the whole thing to end up with a sixth place average placement!

As for the Musings portion, I've been watching the performances on and taking notes for my own complicated spreadsheet that I use for my weekly picks for Shmuel's pool. In case you're curious, here were my notes for this week:

Stefano: Cheesy Jersey Shore-esque facial expressions but good voice.
Thia: Fine, nothing special.
Casey: Kind of weird. Is he the next Taylor Hicks?
Jacob: Another gay contestant, right? Good song choice for him. Pretty good!
Lauren: Fabulous voice and confident!
Haley: Dressed like a hoor again. She's bad.
Pia: Lovely voice. Boring-ish. Could be an advantage since she has room to improve.
Paul: Less annoying than usual, I guess. Still can't stand him.
Naima: Don't like her either. Tries too hard and sings too poorly. Betting she's gone soon.
James: Enjoyable.

None of these people excites me though, and the performances this week were a big snooze. How are you guys feeling about the season? Enjoying anyone?


Blogger Martha said...

I like Naima - but I agree that she doesn't have a stellar voice. I want to like Paul because he's so cute and has such a great smile. I LOVE Casey (hate the facial hair) and don't think he's anything like Taylor Hicks(check out his older auditions and this weeks Elton John performance). Thia and Scotty bore me. Pia has a dynamite voice, but doesn't slay me. Jacob is too overly dramatic - but he's good. I LOVE James and he has an interesting back story. I'm growing to like Stefano - after this week's perf. Haley is pretty good and I really like Lauren. There you go.

11:35 AM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Thanks! I actually watched this week's episode... pretty fun. I still don't love anyone though! Haley was good... I may have underestimated her!

4:35 PM  

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