Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pool Results: My Head Hurts

This is going to be a wee bit tricky to score, I think! We're calling this fifth/sixth place, and the two out were Phil and Chris. Let's do them separately and if you had Phil or Chris either fifth or sixth, you get full credit.

13 points (5th or 6th): Nobody!
12 points (4th or 7th): Kim, Stacey
11 points (3rd or 8th): Mo Pie, Shmuel, Carlywei
10 points (2nd or 9th): S, Emily, Wendi, Kat
9 points (1st or 10th): Weetabix
8 points (11th): Amanda, Editrix, Angela, Kelly, Martha
7 points (12th): Nobody

13 points (5th or 6th): Amanda, Editrix, Stacey, Carlywei, S, Kim
12 points (4th or 7th): Wendi, Weetabix
11 points (3rd or 8th): Emily
10 points (2nd or 9th): Angela, Kelly, Martha, Mo Pie
9 points (1st or 10th): Kat, Shmuel
8 points (11th): Nobody
7 points (12th): Nobody

25 points: Stacey and Kim with an almost perfect score--amazing!
24 points: Carlywei
23 points: S
22 points: Wendi
21 points: Mo Pie, Emily, Weetabix, Amanda, Editrix
20 points: Shmuel
19 points: Kat
18 points: Angela, Kelly, Martha

And the overall standings (Kim, you are amazing):

88 points: Kim*
86 points: Carlywei
82 points: Mo Pie
80 points: Wendi
79 points: Martha, Shmuel, Stacey
78 points: Angela
77 points: Kelly , Kat
74 points: Emily
73 points: S.*
72 points: Editrix, Amanda
69 points: Weetabix*

* = Entered late, points penalty assigned


Blogger Kim said...

Thank you.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Kim works for Fox. *laughs* Just Kidding. She has mad skills.


7:07 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

People, pray for me tonight. That I may endure what might be unendurable. It is Bee Gees night andI may be driven completely insane. Like Charles Manson insane.

I hear there will be much beatboxing. I enjoy it at times--even if it's a total ripoff of JT and Nsync at the Grammys. (Youtube--god, I love the Bee Gees).

LaKisha may be singing "Stayin' Alive" ... I reserve comment.

Melinda may be singing "I Just Wanna Be Your Everything", which is Barry Gibb but recorded by dreaminess ... er, Andy Gibb. Melinda, dear, I have and Andy Gibb nightshirt. I'm just saying.

And Jordin ... Jordin may be singing my most favorite Bee Gees song of all time, "To Love Somebody". She will either completely rock it or I wil hate her for all eternity. No pressure.

I am really hoping spontaneous combustion is just a myth,

10:33 AM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Oh my god, if someone sings "More Than A Woman" I will vote until my fingers bleed.

11:11 AM  

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