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Mo Pie's 5 Favorite American Idol Performances of All Time

I came up with this list based, in large part, on how many times I listen to the MP3s on my iPod. Much to Ian's chagrin, there are many Idol MP3s on my iPod. Many. Many.

I was working on this list before I even heard of the Top 5 Writing Project, but thanks to that, I have actually pulled it together. And there are 10 performances on the list. Let's call 6-10 the runners up, shall we?

#1: Stuff Like That There, Kelly Clarkson
The first season, the first Idol, the first on my list. I never saw a single episode of the first season of Idol but I do indeed love Ms. Kelly Clarkson and her curves and everything she's done since the show. I looked up this video when I saw it on other people's lists of favorite performances ever. And it is, in fact, awesome. The performance is winning and charming and cute, and as for the vocal, I've listened to it an infinity number of times, because her voice is just spectacular. There have been a lot of contestants on Idol that I've loved (see below) but I still don't think any of them can beat Kelly.

#2: Build Me Up Buttercup, Clay Aiken
...Except maybe Clay. I know Bridge Over Troubled Waters was more vocally powerful and all that, and everyone has their favorite Clay moment, but this is the performance I've listened to the most as an MP3. As anyone who knows me can attest, I really love Clay. I didn't really see any of his season, though--I started watching in season three. But I love, love, love Clay's voice. If I had been watching his season, I would have voted for him with all available fingers and appendages, and possibly with my face. I will not, however, use the word Claymate. I will not.

#3: Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Fantasia Barrino
This was the first season I watched, and Fantasia was the first contestant I really rooted for. This is the only season where I voted, really, and I voted like hell for Fantasia. I loved all of her performances and I still remember feeling that it would be an affront against humanity if Diana DeGarmo beat her in the finale. She's truly an original, and I love her. This is my favorite of hers, and most-played MP3 obviously, but as with Clay, I love almost everything she ever did on the show. (And if you haven't seen this video of her doing a duet on this song with John Stevens, of all people, on the Idol tour, you should check it out.)

#4: I Walk The Line, Chris Daughtry
I know he's all DAUGHTRY! now and kind of an ass or whatever, but I totally love him. Love him! Loved his voice, loved his performances. I even love his totally down-the-middle-earnest-rocker album. And once he got eliminated last season, I was left with nobody to root for, and then we ended up with Taylor and The Claw. We all know who the real Idol was anyway, at least if record sales are any indication. Anyway, this was my favorite DAUGHTRY! performance. I know this was Live's arrangement, and not his, so I won't say it's original. But I love his gravelly, growly voice. My love for Clay is more of an asexual passion. My love for Chris is more of a take-off-my-pants feeling. That is the nuance.

#5: Alone, Carrie Underwood
Okay, first of all the rumor is that Carrie Underwood is a total diva, which I hope is not true, because she always seemed so sweet and bland and I really don't want to expend my energy being annoyed by her. I found Carrie totally boring when she was on the show, and I still find her boring. Country is not my thing, but beyond that, I don't think her voice has anything interesting about it. That being said, this was the one and only time she was not boring, and she was amazing. This performance is the only way I can wrap my mind around why she won, so it is vital to my mental health. It is the only time she ever made an impression on me. And I listen to it a lot, because her voice is so fabulous on it. And yet, beyond this, Carrie is a bland, vanilla pudding cipher. I think you understand.

Five Runners Up:

Take Me To The Pilot, George Huff
Okay, there's the smiling and the bouncing and I totally get that. But I listen to this all the time. On the unmitigated disaster that was Elton John night, George Huff sang a song that nobody had ever heard of and did an amazing job. If you listen to the vocal (for instance, if you have an MP3 on your iPod) you will notice what a great voice this guy had. (I mean has. He probably has not had a vocal cord transplant since leaving the show.)

I Think I Love You, Constantine Maroulis
Oh, Constantine. Such a trainwreck in so many ways. And yet this performance, while not "good" in the technical sense of the word, was so entertaining, and I love it so much. In fact, it is the very first song on my workout playlist, so I associate it with dredging up the energy to start ellipticizing on the elliptical trainer. Totally does the job every time. Thanks, Constantine, you tool.

Don’t Cry Out Loud, Diana DeGarmo
At the time, I was so scared that Diana would beat Fantasia (not realizing that it ultimately wouldn't make much of a difference) that I don't think I gave her enough credit for this performance. This is one that I've listened to a lot recently, in fact. It makes me sit back and go, "holy shit, that Diana did have a great voice." It's really incredible.

And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, LaKisha Jones
My favorite performance by my favorite contestant this season. Although to be frank, I am not nearly as invested in LaKisha as I was in Fantasia or Chris Daughtry. Maybe that's because I Am Telling You She Is Going. Tonight, probably. Or maybe it's just that this is a lackluster season. I don't know. But this performance is magical. And if you want to know why I love her.... this is why.

You Give Love A Bad Name, Fucking Blake Lewis
I can't deny the originality of this performance, and I can't deny Blake's talent either. I have to give him his due. He was amazing here. And I love this song so very very much. He has sung some of my favorite songs this season, as a matter of fact. Fucking Blake. I HATE HIM!

What are your favorite Idol performances? Who did I miss?


Anonymous Coryglen said...

Hey, if it helps, Carrie Underwood went to college as a Journalism Major.

She can write complete sentences and stuff (unlike me).

She even wrote her own bio on her site

Man, I saw the first season, but I didn't remember that Kelly Clarkson performance. She was like lightyears ahead of no 2, whatshisname?

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Coryglen said...

oh yeah, back to post a link.

Kurt Nilsen was World Idol winner. Singing U2's Beautiful Day.

Simon was a judge for world idol. I think he may have referred to Kurt as a Hobbit.

I don't know if I'd call it a favorite, I just remember it.

10:31 PM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Dude, cg I love Kurt Nilsen!!

11:44 PM  

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