Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Mind Must Wrap Around The Foot

I can't even wrap my brain around this week's events. But anyway, the results:

13 points: S (yay for S!)
12 points: Kim, Mo Pie
11 points: Amanda, Emily, Editrix, Angela, Kelly, Wendi, Martha, Kat, Stacey, Carlywei, Shmuel
10 points: Weetabix (love you)

And the overall standings (mostly unchanged):

113 points: Kim*
110 points: Carlywei
104 points: Mo Pie
102 points: Wendi, Martha, Shmuel
101 points: Stacey, Angela
100 points: Kelly
99 points: Kat
96 points: Emily, S*
95 points: Amanda, Editrix
89 points: Weetabix*

* = Entered late, points penalty assigned, yes, even Kim


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was dialing for Blake on my cell phone and house phone for 2 hours straight. No lie, we tackled my husband and stole his cell phone because he wanted to use to it to dial for Jordin and we already knew she'd have enough votes.

Then we locked ourselves in the master bathroom and my daughter dialed for Blake for 2 hours straight on her cell phone and my husbands cell phone. We worked damm hard for those 13 points.

Thank you and have a nice day.


9:12 AM  

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