Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weetapidol Pool Results: Final! (AKA: Anti-Shmuel Just Lost Big)

And now, the real results everyone has been waiting for: the results of the somethingth annual Weetapidol Pool!

Let's get our runner-up Jessica out of the way first. She was chosen as the winner by almost everyone, and almost everyone gets 12 points as a result. The outliers are not lying very far out, as Jeremy correctly predicted her at #2, and I put her at #4.

13 points: Jeremy
12 points: Kelly, Wendi, Shmuel, Shari
11 points: Mo

All of this means that nothing much changes in the standings, and that the final results of the pool are determined by Phillip Phillips, he of the awesome name and the touching crying during his coronation song and the half-decent winner's single.

Wendi and Shmuel go into this tied for first place, and it's been neck-and-neck all season long. Wendi didn't make a bad pick, putting Phillip at #4. But Shmuel made an even better pick, and placed Phillip at #2, thus clinching his first ever victory of the Weetapidol Pool! (In fact, he would have won either way.)

13 points: Mo
12 points: Kelly, Shmuel
11 points: Shari
10 points: Jeremy, Wendi

(As you can see, none of us made a bad Phillip pick, but I was never really a contender this season, so I am basking in my successful prediction of Phillip in first place, as well as my victory in Shmuel's pool over at the Idol Annex.)


149 points: Shmuel
147 points: Wendi
140 points: Mo
139 points: Shari

130 points: Jeremy
129 points: Kelly

Those of you who have been following along know how momentous this is. Shmuel has participated every time we've had the pool, but not only hasn't won, but hasn't even come remotely close. In fact, one season he did so poorly that we theorized an Anti-Shmuel (someone who ranked the contestants exactly opposite from Shmuel) would do better. To his credit, Shmuel beat Anti-Shmuel every time we tried this.

Anyway. So this is a VERY EXCITING victory that has been a long time coming. Congratulations, Shmuel! And I have the pleasure of offering you the American Idol-related merchandise of your choice! Will it be Haley Reinhart's new CD? A Scotty McCreery commemorative guitar pick? A Taylor Hicks Halloween mask? The choice is yours!

And thanks to everyone for playing this season!


Blogger Shmuel said...


I'd like to thank the members of the Academy, my agent, my hairdresser, and everybody else who made this possible. (Also my girlfriend, who has been putting up with my being busy every Wednesday and Thursday night for months.) :-)

And as a member of Team Haley, this is an easy choice. I would love a copy of her album, Listen Up! :-)

Thanks again!

10:58 AM  
Blogger Kelly S. said...

Yay Shmuel! I will be back next year, but only if JLo is back...JUST KIDDING! I can't have my legacy being a last place finish! Thanks so much for the fun, girls!

10:59 AM  

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