Friday, May 11, 2012

Weetapidol Pool Results: Top 4!

Hollie in fourth place! And we are all over the map this week--well, one of us is, anyway.

Shmuel and Wendi maintain their relative standing (with Shmuel one point ahead) by both putting Hollie third, a very strong pick. By contrast, Kelly put Hollie dead last and drops to last place in the overall standings. I had Hollie second and Jeremy had her first. And the bullseye this week goes to Shari, who correctly predicted Hollie to be out in 4th.

13 points: Shari
12 points: Shmuel, Wendi
11 points: Mo
10 points: Jeremy
4 points: Kelly


115 points: Shmuel
114 points: Wendi
109 points: Shari
106 points: Mo
99 points: Jeremy
96 points: Kelly


Blogger Kelly S. said...

UGH! My goal changed as the season went on. With no chance of winning, I just didn't want to be dead last! HOLLIE! You foiled my plan ( I really thought she was Shannon when I made my picks, hee!)

11:47 AM  

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