Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Weetapidol scores: 10th place and 9th place

I was driving past an American Idol billboard in L.A. and saw an X through Erika's name and was surprised--apparently last week completely passed me by! But Erika was out in 10th and Heejun was out in 9th, and we have some scores to update!

Wendi did great this week, since she put Erika at 9 and Heejun at 8--only one place off for each one. Everyone else wasn't too far off though, so the scores are staying pretty steady. However, Shari was off the most by putting Heejun in fifth. Though that pick wasn't too egregious, it means she drops out of the tie for first place--and Wendi moves in.

Erika picks:

12 points: Wendi
11 points: Kelly, Shmuel, Shari
10 points: Mo Pie, Jeremy

Heejun picks:

12 points: Wendi, Mo Pie
11 points: Kelly, Shmuel
10 points: Jeremy
9 points: Shari


58 points: Wendi, Shmuel
56 points: Shari, Mo Pie
53 points: Jeremy
49 points: Kelly


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