Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weetapidol Pool Results: Top 3!

And Haley is out in third place! As I mentioned last time, Shmuel was the only person who even came close, putting Haley in fifth. Jeremy and Martha had her in seventh place. The Hive Mind average was 11th place. Here are the new standings!

105 points: Mo Pie and Wendi (neck and neck!)
103 points: Weetapidol Hive Mind
101 points: Shmuel (jumping into fourth place!)
98 points: Weet
97 points: Kelly S. (moving ahead of Shari)
95 points: Shari, Jeremy
79 points: Martha
75 points: Anti-Shmuel

As for next week, the only person predicting Lauren's victory is Anti-Shmuel (which is bad news for Shmuel, who placed her last). The only person predicting Scotty's victory is Mo Pie. (I'VE GOT A SHOT TO WIN!!) Kelly S. and Weet have Lauren second, and stand to pick up points if she wins. Shmuel and the Hive Mind have Scotty second.

I personally think Lauren and Scotty are both incredibly boring; but then again, I think that about everyone this season! Haley was the only one who was winning me over, and she still needs to lay off the growling.

How about you, who are you rooting for?


Blogger Wendi said...

Well, I'm rooting for Lauren (since I can't root for James, sigh)...but I believe YOU will be the victor in the pool, Mo -- I think Scotty will win!

What a subdued final performance episode it was...I'm wondering if tonight's finale will be a little more lively.


10:19 AM  

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