Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weetapidol Pool Final Results

Woo, what a tight race this was but in the end, no one could unseat Carly's lock on first place, maintained since Top 5 week. Congratulations to Carly! Also congratulations to Shmuel who did manage to do better than Anti-Shmuel!  Here are the final results!

Carly    118
Hive Mind    116
Shari    114
Wendi    114
TeKay    112
Gila    112
Jeremy    112
Mopie    111
Martha    106
Kelly S    106
Shmuel    104
Kim    104
Weet    102
Anti Shmuel    89

It should be also mentioned that many pool participants correctly prognosticated the ousting order of 3 Idol contestants (Mopie, Weet, Shari, TeKay, Wendi, Martha and the Hive Mind), which is pretty impressive considering how fickle the American voter is. With only a 16 point spread between the real live human players, it truly was a game of inches this year. If you find yourself at the bottom of pool scores, don't blame yourself--Blame Didi Benami and Siobhan Magnus.

Also, if you like to look at how we keep score, you're welcome to view the dirty details.

Carly, please send us an email with your address and also your selection of an American Idol-related prize!

Thank you for a fantastic season! Weetapidol out!