Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Top 12 Results

The Idol Pool will close in 45 minutes. Thus far, we have nine entrants. Five have picked Kevin to be eliminated tonight, one has chosen Kellie, one has (I think) chosen Elliot, and two have chosen Lisa. Check back once the show starts for our liveblog! We're preparing for this feat by watching America's Next Top Model and drinking wine.

The Commercial:
W: "What was Kevin doing in the bushes with a rabbit?"
P: "AAAAAAAAHH! The Burger King!"
W: "It's a very scary man wearing an artificial carpet."
P: "AAAAAAAAAHHH! My sexual fantasies have all suddenly gone horribly wrong."
W: "The hairy troll is your boyfriend!"

Stevie Wonder:
P: "I want to hear 'My Cherie Amour.'"
W: "I want 'I Just Called To Say I Love You' but I'd be hapy with either."
P: "Oh no!"
W: "We have been cockblocked by the new album!"
P: "Which apparently sucks."
W: "No new album. No wedding Saturdays within the month of June."

Bottom Three:
W: "I wonder if Kevin got that sweater in the big boys department."
P: "No! Not Ace!"
W: "Your boyfriend's in the bottom three! I like his shirt."
P: "I like his shoulder muscles."
W: "Paula's had twelve Vicodin tonight."
P: "Kevin is safe. Sorry, five people who picked him."
W: "Kellie is safe! I suck."
P: "Here's Chris. The winner."
W: "Yep."
P: "I think Melissa and Lisa are in the bottom three."
W: "Oh! You called it."
P: "Yep."
W: "When did Dirty Dancing shorts come back in?"
W: "I think either Melissa or Lisa is out. But I think they'll pair whoever it is with Ace, to scare the voting public into voting for Ace."
P: "Good call. I think Lisa's gone though."
W: "I think you might be right. Because of last night when you said 'Lisa wasn't that memorable' and I said 'Who's Lisa?' I think that's a tell."

Bottom Two
P: "YAY! ACE IS SAFE! It's kind of no fair putting him next to Kevin. Kevin looks even more underdeveloped next to him."
W: "Wow, they killed off Melissa that early?"
P: "Nobody in our pool picked Melissa."
W: "At least she's wearing a fantastic top."
P: "I was hoping she'd go, I didn't like her at all."

Pool Results:
Scoring: You get 13 points if you get a contestant's placement correct, and lose one point for each place you're off by.

12 points: Ana, Pie, Trance, Shmuel, Bailey
11 points: Martha, Celine
10 points: Weet
3 points: Merr


Anonymous Trance said...

Ace!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!! I am outraged!! Let mama kiss your boo-boo away, Ace!!! SHOCKED!!

Kevin the Keebler Elf has made a deal with the devil.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Lisa-Marie said...

God! Why is Chicken Little still there? Seriously! And, Ace? In the bottom three? Had to be a scare tactic.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Ana said...

All I could think of when Ace was called up was that my borrowed Nutella licking fantasy (I'm not creative enough to come up with my own, and can it get better than Ace with delicious topping?) was endangered, though watching him play the troll in the beginning pretty well extinguished it. For the record, I will not ever delete from my Tivo the week that featured his rendition of "Father Figure." Based on that performance, though, a gay friend swears that Ace is gay is well. Thoughts?

11:45 AM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Oh hell, I borrowed the Nutella fantasy too. I don't know if he's gay, but that would make sense, considering that I love vaguely gay men. But I don't know--Father Figure isn't enough evidence for me.

I didn't see that performance. I'm checking IMMEDIATELY.

11:52 AM  

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